Antoine Says..Do It Now!

The time for action is now. It’s never too late to do something

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

It’s Sunday evening here in London, and the calm before the Monday morning storm. Thoughts turn to the week ahead right about now for us all. Some dread the return to work, and giving up their freedom for a job they don’t particularly enjoy. Others, however, will be getting excited right about now. Even if they hate their job, they are looking ahead at a week full of possibilities and potential. This second group understand that, if they work hard for what they want, a week is a very long time in which anyone can make good things happen. We all need to be more like this second group.

The second group are the ones that tend to be more accomplished, fulfilled and happy. They don’t just possess an optimistic, positive mindset and a strong work ethic, though. What sets them apart is their understanding of a very important truth about life in general. They understand that;

  • There is no such thing as perfection. Your work is never finished. The most successful and accomplished people are those who reflect frequently and as themselves, “what can I do better, or more of?”
  • There is no ideal pairing of time and circumstances to take action. The time to take action is as soon as you know what you want to do, how you plan to do it and what resources you have available to you. Once you know this, go for it. It’s that simple. Think it through, make a plan and then act.
  • Don’t stop reflecting, experimenting and trying new things. When you set out on a course of action, you will notice two things in particular. There will be good times and fast progress, especially at the start. You will also face challenges. Lots of them. and they will test your resolve. This is why it’s important to stop at regular intervals and reflect on your progress;
    • What has worked well so far, and you could do more of?
    • What hasn’t worked, and what challenges have you faced? What have you learned that can help you to move forward?

The biggest killer of hopes and dreams is perfection, and the fear that we will fall short of it. Perfection is a myth. The only way to get anywhere and achieve anything in life is through baby steps, the accumulative effect of small actions over time which get you closer to your goal, slowly but surely.

Slow and steady is the only way. It may be frustrating, but along the way you gain new knowledge, skills and experiences, but you also grow as a person. This is the thing to remember; the journey which we embark on is about more than what we can achieve and obtain, it’s also about the person we become as we learn and grow.

So what if somebody else achieves more than you, and quicker?! Be happy for them, look for anything in their experiences which you can learn from, and get back to work on yourself. What others do is none of your business. Your business is the journey which you are on.

So, if you are stuck, waiting for inspiration to tap you on the shoulder or suffering from perfection paralysis, stop it. And yes, it is that simple. Stop it.

No matter your circumstances or resources, for the next week set yourself the goal of taking at least one action EVERY DAY which will get you a step towards your endpoint. Not only will this all add up and start to build some noticeable momentum, but it will give you the confidence that you may be lacking right now.

All the waiting around that you are doing right now, is just a waste of time. Start now. Start small and then build on it. The “perfect time” to start is always right now. Take that first step and watch the magic happen.

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