Run Your Own Race

It’s not unusual to feel that you are behind in life. After all, social media is full of people announcing their achievements to the world. We open up Facebook, Instagram or whatever other platforms we use, and instantly see pictures of countless people who have already achieved what we are striving for. Not only that, but these people appear, to be achieving so much at younger and younger ages. If you take what you see at face value, of course. The question I want to ask today is; does it really matter what everybody else is doing? Why does it bother us? Why do we get the urge to compete with others who we don’t know?

There is no timetable or schedule for us all to follow. Life is not a linear process from Point A to Point B, but rather a long, winding and wonderful journey of growth and discovery. The notion of having to achieve a certain amount in a certain time frame is a fabrication. The situation in which you find yourself right now where you are meant to be. Billions of people around the world can’t do all the same things in the same order. For a start, each of us is unique. We all have our own desires, visions, goals,  strengths, weaknesses and motivations. Mine will vary greatly from yours, and that is completely natural.

Some get a degree in their 20s, some will get theirs much later in their 40s and some will have no degree at all. The same goes for marriage, children, buying a house and so much more in life. But.. what is considered early? What is late? Who or what are you comparing yourself with?

Your life is your own, and you shouldn’t allow others to impose their schedule on you, whether that be parents, friends or society. Don’t be hard on yourself because of your current circumstances. If you haven’t achieved all of your goals yet, it’s because you still have some learning and growth left. If your progress has stagnated, you need to set new, more challenging, goals. If you seem to be going nowhere fast, that’s a sign that you need some serious and honest reflection, to remind yourself of who you are, what you want from life and what drives you. It’s YOUR life, which follows YOUR own timeline. The only schedule which matters is the one which you set for yourself.

Take a moment to consider a flower bed. Each flower doesn’t care about how its neighbour grows, it just blooms and grows at its own rate. They all get the same water and sunlight, but develop individually. That’s the same with people. We all have access to many of the same resources, but our growth varies from person to person. Rather than beat yourself up about this, embrace your individuality and determine your own personal timeline for achieving your own goals.

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