Embrace The Unknown

We all set out to “find” ourselves, with ambitious goals, only for an awfully high number of us to end up playing it safe and avoiding risks. The truth, however, is that it’s only in the unknown that we are able to find ourselves. We don’t plan on selling ourselves short, but the unknown is a very scary place. It’s worth remembering that humans are creatures of habit, and our habit is to seek the easy route to anything. We seek pleasure and instant gratification while avoiding pain and uncertainty. We like to be, as far as possible, in control of our lives.

Being comfortable and in control will never make you great. It leads to unfulfilled potential, dissatisfaction and disappointment. If you crave greatness, if you really want to learn what you are truly capable of, you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Get up off the sofa, get out there in the big, wide world and set off on your own journey of discovery through the unknown. This can be terrifying, but you must be willing to take a chance and embark on this journey.

This is not something you can plan for and think through. You just have to experience it. Learn, adapt, grow, develop and never stop pushing the limits of what you are capable of. This is how you discover who you truly are, what you are capable of, where your strengths and talents lie and how you can make your mark on the world.

So, don’t be scared of the unknown. Be scared instead of becoming comfortable and complacent. Be fearful of mediocrity. If anything is to trouble you, it should be the thought of losing your curiosity and passion for learning. The unknown is a weird and wonderful place, where through hard work and persistence you can learn, become or achieve whatever you set your heart and mind to.

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