Stop Wasting Precious Time and Energy

Of all the things which we waste, the worst offender is time. We can always earn more money if we work hard enough for it. Energy can be replenished after some rest. We waste so much of this precious commodity called time trying to live by the rules and standards of others, that we forget to live our lives. Unlike most other things which get lost, time cannot be recovered. Once it has passed, it becomes history, and you can’t relive a moment once it’s gone. All you can do is to revisit that moment and reflect on what can be learned. So stop wasting time and energy on things which don’t matter. Invest it instead in yourself and focus on your own life.

Stop trying to be what you think other people want to see.

Stop being what you’ve been told you should be.

Start, instead, being exactly who you want to be – take pride in all of your your glorious stangeness and uniqueness.

You have to be different to last in a world where everybody wants to be the same. The only way to achieve this is by being yourself, instead of trying to copy others in order to fit in to a certain group. People will accept, respect and even admire you when they see your authenticity. That is the key to real influence; people look to you for guidance when they see that your words match your actions. There is real power in practicing what you preach.

So, decide what you want from life and go after it. You don’t need anybody’s permission. Live the life you want, the way you want and chase after the goals which you set for yourself. This is the key to happiness and fulfillment. This is how to make positive difference. This is how to provide value to others; focus on developing your own unique skills and talents, and when you achieve success, be sure to pay it forward by helping others without expecting anything in return.

You can’t do any of this, though, if you’re spending all of your time trying to become something which you are not, just because others expect it of you. By all means socialise with family and friends and spend time with those closest to you. Listen to their advice and thoughts, but don’t let anyone detract you from the journey which you are on.

The majority of your time should be spent on what makes you happy, and what will bring the most value to your life. Work on your goals, spend time alone with your thoughts, work on making your business idea a reality, read or spend time with people who inspire you and support your journey and vision for the future. Whatever you need to do to feel happy, and to feel like yourself, do it. This is where most of your time outside of work should be spent if you are serious about becoming the best version of yourself.

Time is precious, and limited, so use it wisely. Spend it on living the life you want, the way you want and on being yourself. Your future self will thank you for it.

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