How To Genuinely Influence Others

Behaviour that’s admired is the path to power among people everywhere”

Seamus Heaney

Influencer. How many people use this word to describe themselves on social media. Almost everyone, as it seems.

It’s the new must-have title. Influencer. It screams “look at me, listen to me and do as I say because I am important. I have influence”. It’s all a bit too pompous and fake for me.

I’m not dismissing social media influencers. They are a valuable marketing tool for new and existing companies. BUT, I have noticed that as soon as an influencer starts reaching a larger audience, delusion kicks in. They begin to see themselves as an almost god-like figure who can tell people how to live their lives and pass judgement on those who don’t follow their example. I find this laughable. They start off as an influencer promoting products for certain brands, then all of a sudden they become a self-professed life coach. No. Just no. Get a grip.

If you want to help people lead a better quality of life, set a good example of what that should look like. Social media superstar influencers are predominantly 20 year olds with little real life experience. So why do they think that they are in a position to tell others what to do? Yet, like sheep, people follow them because they have become skilled in promoting themselves and crafting compelling stories to get peoples’ attention.

This delusion needs to stop. Rather than searching for the latest social media superstar, find someone who has already achieved what you desire. What behaviours do the practice regularly? Can you adopt any of those in your own life? Once you know what that particular behaviour looks like, practice it.

It really is this simple. Previously, we have looked at how to put the work in to determine who you really are and what you want from life. If you’ve done this, the next step is to take action, consistently modelling the behaviours you need to achieve your goals.

Here is where the magic happens. If there is congruence and consistency between your behaviour and your communication with others, people will take notice. In short, if your actions match your words, people will trust and believe you. Some will want to copy you or turn to you for advice. This is real influence.

Influence is not about flashy pictures and catchy slogans posted on Instagram for money and free stuff. Influence is about being genuine, being a person of substance and someone whose behavious echo their words. Influence is about helping others and bringing real value to their lives.

Put down your phone and spend your time instead determining whether your behaviours and words are aligned. If not, do something about that. Then go out in the world and strive to be the best version of yourself. Aim to bring real value to your own life and those of others too. Then you will be able to proudly wear the title of Influencer.

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