“Why?!” The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself

There are 2 ways that you can lead your life. You can either spend your life following the example of others and living for their approval. Or you can take control, and lead the life which you want for yourself.

That sounds a bit simplistic, but the truth is that it is really not that difficult a thing to do. Getting started just takes a bit of courage and self-confidence. The hardest part is freeing yourself from the need to please others and worrying about what could go wrong. Yes, other people will be shocked and surprised. One thing worth remembering here is that those who truly care for you will support you once they get over their initial shock. Those who have a problem with you taking ownership of your life? Let them go. You don’t need that negativity in your life. People are entitled to their own opinion, but even if another person doesn’t agree with your choices they will still support you if they want to remain in your life. Take this opportunity to audit your friendships and who you spend time with.

We’ve looked in depth before at the steps to follow which can set you on your way to leading a successful and fulfilling life;

  • Self-Reflection
  • Planning
  • Goal-Setting
  • Action

As you achieve your goals, go back and repeat the process again. With each cycle you are learning, growing and surprising yourself with what you are able to achieve as well as the person you are becoming.

Throughout this whole process, and throughout your life in all areas, there is one question to ask which will bring the greatest results….”Why…?!”

  • Why do I do what I do, the way I do it?
  • Why am I not constantly questioning if there is a better way to do everything?
  • Why do I worry about the opinions of others?
  • Why do I maintain friendships with people who don’t believe in, or support me?
  • Why do I react a certain way in certain situations?
  • Why do I engage in certain activities which are not helping me in the pursuit of my goals?
  • Why am I not making better use of my time?

These questions, and so many more, are the key to constant improvement in all areas of your life. Your life improves because you become more self-aware when you question why you do what you do, and why you are not striving for better. You become more aware of the positive things which you are doing and which are bringing good results, and once highlighted, you are able to do more of these things, and more often.

Moreover, asking “why” can help you to identify unhelpful and destructive patterns of behaviour which we can then address and remove from our lives.

If you’re really ambitious, you might want to also ask yourself What and When questions too, such as “What do I truly want to achieve, and by when?”

Never lose your curiosity if you want to lead a richly fulfilling life.


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