What Are Your Core Values?

A value is something we place importance upon. Anything which you hold dear is valuable. Value can be assigned to anything form a watch to an emotional state. In this instance, however, I am referring to life values. Our core beliefs. These are the most important things in your life. These values, whether we are consciously aware of them or not, lead us to make the decisions and take the actions which dictate the direction of our lives.

This is why it is essential that we put aside some time to gain a clear understanding of what is most important in our lives. We then need to commit, no matter what life throws at us, to living in accordance with our values. When your values, thoughts and actions are all aligned, you have congruence and harmony. This leads to confidence, happiness and inner peace, as your life becomes a reflection of your values and beliefs. It also leads to a more focused, determined approach to the pursuit of your goals. You surround yourself with the right people who can support you on your journey through life, but you also make the right decisions which get you to where you want to go. If your values and choices are in sync, then there is less chance of being diverted off-course or losing confidence.

A few examples of life values are;

  • Love
  • Passion
  • Comfort
  • Health
  • Success
  • Freedom
  • Intimacy
  • Adventure
  • Security
  • Power

There are many more, but these tend to be the most common. Read the list again, and ask yourself;

  • Which values are relevant to my life? Are there any values which are relevant to me, but missing from the list? Which of the above values dictate my choices and my life’s course?
  • Of the above values which are relevant to me, what is the order of their importance?
  • Do I have conflicting values? For example, are security and freedom both at the top of my list? Look out for any potential opposites or conflicts, as this could explain why you may be struggling to make decisions, or making the wrong ones which sabotage your progress.
  • If I were to re-evaluate the importance of some of my values, and revise the list, could that positively impact my life if I start living in accordance with my new priorities?

When you have determined what your life values are, write them down. Memorise them. Put them on a card and glue this to the inside cover of your journal. Attach another card with your values to your bathroom mirror. Your values should be clearly visible in several places of your choosing, where they can provide a daily reminder of what is important in your life, and what determines your thoughts and actions. This can help you to remain focused and motivated.

If you don’t know what your values are, or why you prioritise one over another, you will forever struggle to achieve a sense of fulfillment. Why? Because you will remain unclear on what is important to you and what you really want. If, however, you know what you value and in what order, your life will be all the richer for it. Determining your values is an exercise in self-awareness, after all. The better you get to know yourself, the better chance you will have of becoming the person you aspire to be, as your values, thoughts and actions will all be in harmony with each other. Not only that, but you will also attract the right people into your life, who will be drawn by your integrity, and be able to positively influence and help others.

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