The “Secret Ingredient” Myth

Please understand this simple fact..there is no shortcut to success. There is no secret, no magic formula and no particular personality traits that are crucial for achieving greatness. We already have everything we need. So why aren’t more of us realising our potential then?

Confidence is a big problem. It’s in our nature to sell ourselves short on our capabilities when compared to other people. We are taught by society that success is for “other people” and that if we want to survive, we should sit down, be quiet, follow directions and be content with what we have.

We assume that these “other people” have a secret advantage working for them. This, at least, is the story that society feeds us.


Every single one of us (even the most successful) have thoughts of self-doubt, no matter how confident they may appear on the outside.

There are no superhuman, just humans. Whatever one man can do, so can another.

You are far better and capable of so much more than you think you are, and give yourself credit for.

Remember this…It’s not luck. It’s not magic. It’s no secret. It’s not due to circumstances.

It is a matter of developing a well thought-out plan, and taking action on it. Day in, day out, until the results you have envisioned become reality.

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