Easy Money…

..is just marketing hype. Sorry to burst your bubble. It’s a lie, but it also sells books and coaching programmes to people who want quick results. There is generally no such thing as easy money, unless you buy a lottery ticket and get lucky. The rest of the time you need to work for it, or at least be resourceful. Unless you try something which has served me well so far…

There is a lot of excellent advice freely available on changing jobs or careers, launching a business or earning money from something which you are particularly good at, and passionate about. Hustling. Grinding. Entrepreneurship. Moving up the corporate ladder. Investing. Search for these terms and you will discover great ways to boost your income. Please be cautious before adopting any particular approach, though, as they all have their own particular risks to be mindful of. Take investing, for example. If it all goes wrong, can you afford to lose that money you invested? Or will it put a strain on your finances?

Today, however, I want to look at one thing which you can do to earn a little extra money when you are happy in your current job. Maybe you have a career which you love, or a successful business which you started from scratch. But you need more money. What can you do then to get a little extra cash, when you have neither the time nor inclination to hunt for a better job, launch a side business or take out a loan?

In a  word, Ebay. Gather up all the old clothes or stuff that you no longer want or need, and which is taking up valuable storage space. Then sell it on Ebay. It really is that simple. You will need to register for an Ebay account to buy or sell anything, and also Paypal to manage payments. But this is straightforward and doesn’t take long. Try and make the headline and photographs interesting in your listing, and sit back and watch as your items sell themselves. This is as close to easy money as you get because there is no risk. If an item doesn’t sell, you can simply relist it or put it back in the cupboard. Other than a little time, it won’t have cost you anything else.

Once you start selling your unwanted stuff, it can become addictive. At this point, don’t sell the stuff you don’t want to part with, but instead become acquainted with your local charity shops. These shops are full of wonderful old clothes, games and random items which you can resell on Ebay for a profit. For example, the market for vintage shirts is huge.

It won’t make you a millionaire, but with minimal time and effort, you can earn money by simply getting rid of your old stuff. Apply the 6 month rule. If you unlikely to wear or use it in 6 months, sell it. You de-clutter your wardrobes, and life, while getting enough money for a day out with the family, to pay some bills or whatever else you want to use that money for.

I mention Ebay because it works for me, but it’s not the only way. Facebook has a marketplace where you can sell your stuff, there are a number of other websites and apps you could use, or there is the good old car boot/ garage sale.

We could all do with a little extra money in our lives, and getting it is easier than you think. You just have to be a little resourceful, that’s all.

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