Book Review: Introducing Entrepreneurship: A Practical Guide (Alison and David Price)

After a week of sharing poetry in the hope that you too find value in it, I would like to start this week with a book review.

I love to read, and I read A LOT. When I want to unwind or need a dose of escapism, I read fiction. And yes, I do love Harry Potter! Most of the time though, I want to gain knowledge, be inspired or given food for thought. For this reason, I read a lot of journals (both trade and academic), biographies of influential people or books related to an aspect of business or personal development which I want to learn more about.

Having a Kindle and an Amazon Prime membership (I know, i’m living the dream!) means that I used to get a free novel each month. This gives me a steady supply of fiction titles, and I have read some brilliant books. There have been some forgettable ones too.

Recently, however, Amazon launched something called Prime Reading. This allows you to “borrow” up to 10 titles and read them on your Kindle for free, with no time limit. The list of titles available is steadily growing, and the book which i’m reviewing today is one of these available as a Prime title.

This is a book which follows the same formula as most business and personal development titles. This means that there is plenty of research and experience-based advice, mixed with a healthy dose of case studies. This book, however, is rather different to the material which I usually read.

What separates this book from the countless other titles available, is not only its realism but also how it gets straight to the point. The language is simple and easy to follow, so you won’t get lost in jargon and buzzwords. In fact, it’s the kind of book which you will initially read from cover to cover,  highlight passages and pages and keep coming back to regularly.

The content is very balanced. Unlike many of the other titles which i’ve read. Normally, a book of this type will be extremely positive in tone, and will convince you that you are capable of anything. While this book does present entrepreneurship in a positive light, it also presents the drawbacks, challenges and questions which you should ask yourself before and during your entrepreneurial journey. Furthermore, The choice of case studies is different, but in a good way. Rather than supporting their research and findings with big well-known organisations or well-known entrepreneurs, the case studies are relevant and recent. Rather than simply motivate, this is a book written to inform, make you think and reflect.

This book is not for everyone, but if you want an informative, thought-provoking short read this is worth your time.

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes from the book about the essence of a successful journey and destination;

“You should aim to experience positive emotions while achieving milestones linked to meaningful goals”


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