The Pain and Pleasure of the job hunting process: After the Interview

Arguably the most nerve-wracking part of the job hunting process comes AFTER the interview. This is because it is now out of your hands, and all you can do is wait for the outcome. So far, there was plenty of research and preparation which could be done, but now all that is left is to reflect on your performance.

In the aftermath of an interview, I would suggest some quick and honest reflection. Pick up a notepad, and write down how you felt that it went; what went well and what elements you could’ve handled better. Don’t overthink it, just write whatever comes to mind. If you can remember them, also make a note of the questions which were asked of you. This will help you to prepare for future interviews.

Read and reread the above, and highlight the areas which you can work on and improve. Also note your strengths. It is useful to have a reflection on your interview, so that you can learn from the experience.

While it’s useful to have your own reflections on the event, there is a second element which needs to be added. This is the feedback from the panel. This may not be offered when you get the call which informs you of the interview outcome, and if it isn’t just ask for it. Most interview panels are very happy to provide some short, constructive feedback after an interview’s outcome has been determined. When this is added to your own feedback, you will gain a clearer idea of where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and what areas need more attention.

If you are unsuccessful, rather than dwell on it, get to work and fast. Search for more vacancies and start applying. This will keep your mind busy, and ward off the temptation to start feeling sorry for yourself and lose motivation. Furthermore, from your reflections and the feedback from the last panel, you have plenty of information which can help you to create a very interesting personal statement. Obviously, this is done with the aim of securing another interview, for which you will be in a much stronger position because of everything which you have learned during your recent experience.

If, however, you are successful take a moment to enjoy your achievement. Then revisit your reflections to determine what you need to work on in order to be successful in your new role. This will help you to hit the ground running, and make a positive impact very quickly.

After an interview, relieve some of the anxiety by reflecting on the event. Request some feedback from the interview panel too, once a decision has been communicated to you. Finally, act on this reflection and feedback regardless of the outcome. If you got the job, use it to start your new role strongly and make a positive impact. If you were unsuccessful, act on the feedback to improve your personal statement for future applications, and better prepare yourself for future interviews.

In the wake of an interview, do something. The time will pass anyway, so rather than worrying try to reflect on the experience and see what can be learned from it

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