Unsure of which path to follow?!

Choose the path of MOST RESISTANCE!!

It is fair to say that the choices we have made until this point in our lives, are largely responsible for the circumstances in which we find ourselves. No matter how small, they all add up over time and take you closer to, or further away from, your goals.

Humans are creature of habit, and our habit is to seek comfort in what is easy or familiar for us. We lead incredibly busy lives with countless demands being placed on our  time and attention every day and often find ourselves drained of energy. Therefore, when we are faced with a choice we favour the easier option. This is often the choice which requires the least effort or energy from us, with the outcome more certain. The rewards tend to be smaller when we play it safe and take the easy option, but so are the risks.

However, it is the more challenging, riskier choices which could potentially make a huge difference in our lives. It is those things which we often regard as challenging, time consuming and tiring which we should be doing in order to succeed. Even if you take the  riskier, more difficult choice and it doesn’t work out as you had hoped, you have a valuable experience from which you can learn. You might even have developed a new skill or acquired new knowledge along the way, neither of which are bad things to have.

That is not to say that you should be reckless and bet your whole future on one roll of the dice, so to speak. Never risk your last penny, home or your livelihood. If, for example, you have a passion which you would like to turn into a business, start it as a side project and only quit your day job when it takes off. I use businesses as an example because they can take a long time to become established and profitable, so quitting your job early would only increase the financial pressure and the risks.

Be bold enough to make difficult, and wherever possible calculated, choices. Enjoy the highs of following the path of most resistance, and learn from the bumps in the road.

I’ll leave you with this popular saying as food for thought;

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

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