The world doesn’t owe you a thing.

All too often, we encounter people with a sense of entitlement and a chip on their shoulder. They feel that success is owed to them, and that they should have it all. When success, fame and fortune fail to fall in their lap they don’t make any effort to chase that which they want, but simply become angrier, more resentful and more bitter. Today, I am asking you, please, not to be that person.

Being confident and aware of your strengths and weaknesses is a good thing, but as with all good things it is important to practice moderation. In this instance, without moderation, the ego takes over. People then overestimate their worth and the value which they bring to the world, which in turn breeds entitlement. They feel that they deserve more than what they currently have and, eventually, the world will realise this and give it to them.

The truth is that you are not owed anything and you can’t have it all. We get that which we work for and earn, no more and no less. So, if you want more from life, whatever it may be, work for it. Some people are fortunate enough to have opportunities handed to them wrapped in a bow, but I prefer to work for what I have. If nothing else, the experience itself of striving for something is itself a valuable teacher. Furthermore, when I work hard for something, I find that I appreciate it an awful lot more.

With the power of the internet, we all have access to the same tools and information which will help us on our journey towards success and achievement. The potential to earn everything which we want is within us all, and the playing field is more level now than ever before. So, why doesn’t everyone have everything which their heart desires ?! Simply put, your desire has to be matched with a will to succeed and a determination to work as hard as it takes earn whatever it is that you want.


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